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Niko Paris

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Are You Injured?

Were you involved in an accident?
Did someone else’s fault caused you bodily and property injury?
Do you have pain and unable to return to work?
Do you need to see a physician and receive medical treatment?
Are you unable to return to work because of your injury?
Do you need to have your car fixed?
Do you need a car rental?

Why Hire Us?

  • At Paris Law Group, we will come to you if you’re unable to come to our office; WE WILL COME TO YOUR WORK, HOME OR HOSPITAL we will fight your case until we win.
  • Attorney Niko Paris has (15) years of experience in both litigation and trial.
  • You can contact us at any time for a free consultation.
  • Niko Paris, Esq. will sit with you at any time to discuss your case.
  • Remember we will not charge any fee until there is a recovery.

28% attorney fee for the next 90 days!

Our fee is contingent upon recovery, if we don’t recover any money for you then you owe us nothing. Unlike most other firm, which they charge 33% attorney fees, we will only charge 28% attorney fees, if we can settle the case without filling a lawsuit and or going to mediation and arbitration.

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