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What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

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Auto Accident 

What would you do after a car accident?

Assuming that you are not badly injured and you only have suffered muscle spasm, back and shoulder pain, or even a headache, you need to step out of the car and make sure everyone is alright otherwise, you should call local police and or 911 if you someone is hurt or unable to get out of the car.
Assuming no serious injuries are involved, at this time make sure without even moving the position of your car, take multiple photos of all cars involved in the accident by using your cell phone camera. Please make sure you take photos from different angles so the photo can depict the damages, don’t forget to take photos of your car damages as well as the car that hit your car. It would be better if you could use your cell phone camera and video the entire scene, again this should be done without moving any of the cars that were involved in the car accident so that the investigator can see the point of impact and how the car came to stop after the accident.

Next, I urge you to consult with a personal injury car accident lawyer regarding your auto accident, the consultation is free; why should you or anyone consult a lawyer? This is just a small glimpse of the huge problem.
First, the claim examiner and /or the adjuster from the insurance company often will contact you on the same day of an accident like within an hour after the car accident in order to obtain your statement of facts such as what happen or how did the accident happen?
The adjuster will tell you that they are here to help you with your claim and so that they can better evaluate the claim. For example, the adjuster will always ask, were you injured in the accident? Well, this can be a trick question, because most people think or believe that they are not injured unless they are transported to a hospital by ambulance or they are not injured because they had no broken bones, there was no bleeding and no loss of consciousness. However, in almost all cases, all people don’t even know what is the definition of an injury? Maybe if the adjuster explains to you the true meaning of what is an injury then everyone’s answer would be YES because even a minor pain in the neck, back, shoulder or any parts of the body does mean that you were injured. Therefore, most often people without consulting a lawyer and not knowing what an injury is they simply say NO I was not injured and mind you that all these conversations are being recorded over the phone with your own consent and permission.

Let’s say a week or two weeks after the auto accident your body develops some symptoms of pain in your back, neck, shoulder or even some tingling in your legs and you decide to see a doctor. The same claim examiner from the insurance company will tell you… you were fine after the accident per your recorded statement that you were not injured, therefore these symptoms are not related to the car accident. In order to avoid all these unnecessary headaches, and delay for your treatment, or even denial of your claim, I urge you to consult and personal auto accident attorney and let the attorney be on your side and get all your medical treatment be taking care, as well as getting your car fixed and get you paid for any loss of wages due to the accident, and lastly to get you paid maximum compensation for your pain and suffering!


When involved in an accident with a semi-truck or 18 Wheeler Truck traveling at high speed, this often can result in a very serious, catastrophic and sometimes fatal accident. Please contact our office if you or any of your loved one was involved with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler accident, we will come to your home, office, or hospital immediately to see you and discuss your case. Attorney Niko Paris will act quickly, he will obtain any all evidence, including a police report, eye witness statement in assessing the liability. We will find out whether the accident was caused because the truck driver was

(1) Driving recklessly,

(2) Whether there were any mechanical errors that caused the accident, or

(3) Was the truck driver fatigue and

(4) Was the truck company negligent among other possible causes?

You need an aggressive and zealous attorney that believes in your case, Attorney Niko Paris will handle your case completely from the beginning until the end without assigning the matter to a paralegal. Attorney Niko Paris and his staff are ready in every step of the way in bringing the best outcome and excellent compensation for you and your loved one.


Due to lack of proper protection, most motorcyclist crashes often suffer from catastrophic injuries such a paralysis, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, brain injury, broken legs, arms, and in some cases wrongful death.

Attorney Niko Paris is committed and dedicated his time from the start of the case, he will investigate the facts and the cause of the crash, in almost all cases he will consult and retain an accident scene reconstructionist to assess the nature and how the accident happened, he will obtain the police report to fully assess and understand how the accident happened and to strategize and lay out his case against the insurance company.


If you or loved one or a family friend were involved in public transportation such as a bus or even private company such as Taxi, Uber, Lyft and Door-Dash or another company that offers public transportation, note that by California Law they MUST carry full Liability insurance in the event their passenger suffers injury. In almost a majority of these cases, the injured party finds themselves in a very tough situation with the insurance company.

Note that at our office we represent anyone that is

* hit by a bus, bicycle runners hit by a bus, as well as a pedestrian hit by a bus, or private co
* People who have been injured by Taxi, Uber, Lyft and Door dash.
* Bus crash passenger injuries
* Amtrak and passenger train injuries.


Imagine you are driving on the road and suddenly bang! Someone rear-ends your car, or they ran a red light or they T-Bone your car because they failed to see the stop sign and or ran a red light, or they were talking on phone or texting while driving and because of their negligent driving or reckless driving, you and your loved one have severed bodily injuries in addition to property damage to your car.
the insurance Co is only interested to present you with an extremely low amount of money so that they can obtain your signature and close your claim as soon as possible because the insurance company doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Attorney Niko Paris is committed to pursuing the claim and will not stop until the responsible party is accountable for all damages.
When you contact Attorney Niko Paris, he will personally assess your case, He will even go to the scene of an accident to evaluate the scene of the accident. He will obtain a police report and contact any and all eyes witness to the accident and we will take pictures of the car. In some cases, fatal or catastrophic cases, it is necessary to consult an accident scene Reconstructionist to confirm liability. We will not rest until we recover the highest recovery from the liable party.

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